Dreams of Mine

Dreams of Mine (Release TBD)

A Myst-style pre-rendered adventure game based on the dreamscapes of studio creator David Croshaw. Solve puzzles and explore the strange world of the subconscious in Dreams of Mine, coming to Dreamcast and PC.

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Rizzo Island (On Hiatus)

A new 3D platformer for the Dreamcast!?!?! An all new 3D platformer that follows the adventure of my late Uncle Tom Rizzo. He was a musician, who loved making music, and I wanted to honor him in my own special way. Click Here To Go to Itch.io Page

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David Croshaw's Crapware Collection (2022)

A collection of games made by lead developer David Croshaw. Never seen before outside of his high school! Play three games in all their craptacular fashion, with a short post-mortem built right into the launcher! Click Here To Go To Itch.io Page

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Realistic Low Resolution Texture Pack 1 (2019)

A low-resolution realistic texture pack for retro inspired, Quake/Quake II-based, and homebrew based games. This is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 License, which means you can use it freely, commercial or not, as long as you give me credit for them. Click Here To Go To Itch.io Page

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Battle Bard (Pre-Production)

An upcoming rhythm based hack n' slash using the Simulant Engine for PC and Dreamcast

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