Dreameater Games

was founded in Denton, TX with the purpose of making indie and homebrew games for Sega Dreamcast and PC. We currently are focusing our efforts on making the game "Dreams of Mine" and, funding the development of the nuQuake Dreamcast Quake Engine port.

We are also starting development on a new title named "Dreams of Mine" for Dreamcast and PC using the Simulant engine. Production has started on this project and Rizzo Island development is currently on hiatus.

Development Team
David Croshaw Lead Designer, Map Creator, Project Lead
HaydenKow(mrneo240) Dreamcast Engine Coder, Optimization Specialist
Nahuel Arce QuakeC Coder, Engine Specialist
Ian Michael Dreamcast Engine Coder, Optimization Specialist, Engine Specialist
Andrew Hilderbrand 3D Modeler, Animator
Trym Horgen 3D Modeler, Animator
Press Packet
This press packet contains info on our upcoming game Rizzo Island. If you are interested in covering the game, download this packet. More material is available upon request using the press email below.


Contact Info
Press press@dreameatergames.com
Jobs jobs@dreameatergames.com
Other contact@dreameatergames.com
Social Media
Twitter @dreameatergames
YouTube Dreameater Games
Instagram: @rizzoislandgame
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